So I was thinking how good that Poolside track would sound out of “Why”, decided to try it out, and this mix is what happen as a result.   Like the name suggests, this mix consists of some heavy fucking SPRING VIBES of the house and disco variety.  For how long I usually spend planning out mixes, it’s always ill to have a unplanned, on-the-fly mix come out as good as this one did.  Enjoy!


1. Carly Simon – Why
2. Poolside – Do You Believe?
3. Diana Ross and The Supremes – My World Is Empty Without You (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
4. Tweet – Boogie 2Nite (Fat Camp Remix)
5. Local Legend – Back Fo’ Mo’
6. Bah Samba – Have You Got Your Bootz On
7. Dana Bergquist and  Peder G – Can’t Get Enough (Casual Encounters Edit)
8. Atlantic Starr – Let The Sun In (Laberge Edit)
9. OHYEAH – SainTropez (Darius Remix)
10. Chicken Lips – She Fish (Leo Zero Remix)
11. Space Ranger – Nightmoves
12. Midnight Savari – Phantom Galacton (Softwar Remix)
13. Simone Fedi – Groove On (Out of City Remix)

~ by discobits on June 1, 2011.

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