A Jimmy Michaels Mix

So I was just looking around Soundcloud last night,  stumbled upon this guys’ stuff, and was totally blown away.  Dude has three separate sites filled with his mixes of everyone from The Clash to Peter Gabriel to Dan Hartman to Blondie, plus another one with original productions.  And here is the kicker…they are not edits, instead full on mixes he made straight from the multi-tracks.  How this dude got multi-tracks to all of these is beyond me, but thank god he did because a lot of this shit is amazing.  He is also cool with re-upping download links that have reached their limits, so mention something in the comments and he will most likely put a fresh link up.  Was thinking about including this in the Wrap Up, but I thought it was too good of a find to get mixed in with all of the other tracks/mixes. Enjoy.




http://soundcloud.com/jimmy-michaels (orginal productions)

~ by discobits on June 9, 2011.

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