The Units – Tight Fit (Klein & MBO Remix)

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My favorite cut off of The Units’ remix compilation, Connections, released a few months ago.  Proto-house/italo pioneers Klein and M.B.O. deliver an excellent remix of “Tight Fit”, staying true to their early 80s futuristic sound.  The whole compilation goes hard and is definitely worth checking out.

The Units – Tight Fit (Klein & MBO Remix)

Fierce Ruling Diva – You Gotta Believe (Moby’s Sweet Mix)

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Moby’s amazing piano driven deep house remix of Fierce Ruling Diva’s classic “You Gotta Believe”.  I’ve heard at least 20 remixes/tracks that sample this song, and this my version is pretty much my favorite (with Johnny Vicious’ “Believe This” in a close second).

Fierce Ruling Diva – You Gotta Believe (Moby’s Sweet Mix)

*And while I’m at it, here is that Johnny Vicious track I mentioned above:

Johnny Vicious – Believe This

Hysterix – Talk To Me (Sasha’s Full Master)

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MAJOR heat from Sasha released on Deconstruction in 1994.  Included on his and Digweed’s legendary Renaissance Mix, this track is easily one of my favorite UK house tracks of the 90s.  Also included is my peaktime edit of the track. Enjoy.

Hysterix – Talk To Me (Sasha’s Full Master)

Hysterix – Talk To Me (AFS Edit of Sasha Mix)

Bryan Ferry – Kiss & Tell (Dance Remix)

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I’ve been doing quite a few rock/new wave nights over the last month, so I’ve definitely been getting that area of my library in check.  Here is one of my favorite 80s pop/new wave cuts I recently re-discovered. Easily in my top 10 Brian Ferry/Roxy Music related tracks of all time.

Bryan Ferry – Kiss & Tell (Dance Remix)

Mel & Kim – Showing Out (The Mortgage Mix)

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Classic 86′ house remix of Mel & Kim’s fairly huge single “Showing Out”.

Mel & Kim – Showing Out (The Mortgage Mix)

Five Special – Why Leave Us Alone

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Pretty much the only big song from this short lived Detroit group.  Get into it.

Five Special – Why Leave Us Alone

Suzy Q – Get On Up Do It Again

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Such a track.   I forgot how hard this one goes, but luckily Stupid Human released an excellent take on it a couple months ago which reminded me.  You can check out their edit here:

Stupid Human – Get On Up – SH003

and the original:

Suzy Q – Get On Up Do It Again